Field Notes of Dormant Days is Peirson's seventh solo studio album

that will be arriving Dec. 1, 2022.  The album is a love letter to a sweet

heart during a trying time of illness and loss. 


Long before the lockdown, around 12 BC (twelve years before Covid),

a young ambivert began social distancing, not because of a virus or

agoraphobia but because he fell in love.  When his love fell ill, the fear

of losing her overtook him, so he did everything in his power to nurture,

protect and bring her back to health.  These songs were written for her

healing journey.


Thanks to a diverse roster of musical contributors, lifelong friends,

Canadian healthcare and family, Peirson and his "Secret Sessions"

community have persevered through these dormant days. 

                                             Madeline Roche - Muse News New York

















Swan Songs for Orwell - Classic Hits from 1984, is a cover album project that

Peirson began recording with The Fradet Quartet in Paris, France over the 

summer of 2019. Most of the song selections were chosen to combat the

dystopia that Orwell imagined and most interestingly, celebrate the lyrical love

and hope that was released in '84 by iconic pop artists including; Annie Lennox,

Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper+++ 

This album was born out of Peirson's time working with a wide array of classical

and world music artists in Paris, France as well as his hometown colleagues

in Toronto, Ontario. Thanks to his experience performing in cathedrals, he was

inspired to reinterpret these songs in a more stripped down manner with what

is now The Newspeak Quartet. In these tempestuous times, Peirson's motivation

is to celebrate these classics from '84 by recording more tranquil versions or

as he says "let's resurrect the slow dance, embrace each other in the love song

and make Orwell fiction again. This one's for good people in hard times".

Released December 24, 2019 

Produced by Peirson Ross McLean


Antone Didier,  Rapport Souterrain 










Strings by Brian Kobayakawa & Anna Clara Fradet 
Viola Madelaine Lemoine 
Violin Seraphine Louise 
Contrabass Brian Kobayakawa 

Electric Bass Benjamin Bombier 
Drums Koen Kusters 
Rhodes Andrew Rucklidge

& Dominic Bortolussi 
French Horn Gillian Marks 
Clarinet Anders Sodermann 
Marimba & other Percussion Abaeze Oni 
Additional Percussion Achilla Ndiaye 
Accordion Giovanni Rossi 
Strings Anders Sodermann 
Additional vocals by Sienna Strauss & Ella Green 
Cello Peirson Ross & Anna Clara Fradet 


Recorded at The Chaville House Studio in Paris, France 
& The Bell Woodshed in Toronto, Ontario 2019 

Produced and Mixed by Peirson Ross 
Mastering by Stew Crookes








WILD ONES is a dedication album to wildlife and to those living the "wild life".

It marries art, music and design for the greater social good. The project began

in Peirson's New York apartment in the spring of 2012. When the original

analogue recordings were water-damaged in the flood caused by hurricane

Sandy, Peirson re-recorded the songs digitally while paper cutting kiragami in 

the Inuit style artwork. 

Armed with scissors, Japanese linen paper, one roll of reflective tape, a

portable recording rig and an irrepressible urge to create, Peirson spent

months in solitude re-recording the record while cutting and pasting his

Canadian animals on the walls around him. Although Peirson initially

referred to his paper-cutting as naive kindergarten catharsis, gallery

curators and art critics alike have since praised his work as the most

modern representation of nature on the art scene today. While Peirson's

designs have a contemporary feel, the source of inspiration was born out

of the simple desire to recreate and celebrate reminders of home by

imagining the natural world in a small urban work space. "It's a homesick

project in that,the more time that I spend working in different cities, the more

I feel the need to surround myself with reminders of home.  

Donovan Taylor, Voices


Released August 26, 2014 

Bunt Stafford-Clark - Mastering engineer on title track #11. Wild Ones 
Peirson - artwork & designs, cello, guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, harmonica, percussion, dramnyen (Tibetan guitar), banjo, lap steel slide, melodica, beat-boxing, bass recorder, piano, bells, baritone ukulele, jaw harp, accordion, singing bowl, producer, mixing & vocals. 
John Hurlbut - Primary Mastering engineer on fifteen remaing tracks 
Josh Williams - Hammond Organ on track #1, #3 and bonfires 
Benjamin Bombier - Bass on track #3 and #13, 
Lana Slezic - Band Videographer 
SOOJITSU DESIGNS - Web graphics 
COSEWIC - Wildlife data 
National Geographic - topographical information 
Frans Brüggen - Telemann - fantasie nr. 3 sample on track #12 
Gibson Guitars NYC, LA & TO - studio space, guitars 
Irmgard Koerner - bass recorder donation 
Inuit Artist Collective - land and gallery guides

All rights reserved