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Peirson Ross is a man with questions.  He finds the answers in his music.  He takes apart the everyday and reassembles it in a

song so that we too may find our own answers.  As a writer in fear of forgetting, he's motivated by things that move us and

documents real moments to help remind us of who we are.   As Peirson says,  "If we've done a good job, then we've disturbed the

comfortable and comforted the disturbed". 

With six solo albums under his belt, regular rotation on national radio (CBC, BBC, + his last three singles on US and European

airwaves) his songs licensed to both TV and feature films (MGM, Netflix, Universal, Discovery, NatGeo+) and working as a music

director on many collaborations, Peirson attributes his achievements to the good health of his loved ones and friends / patrons who

curate his writing retreats with long-time bandmates and collaborations with a rotating cast of new players. 

When he's not writing his next album or being commissioned to write songs for others, Peirson is constantly thinking outside of the

box. He's toured by canoe across Canada's rugged Northern boreal forest and from Georgian Bay to Montreal with Frank Wolf

(one of Canadian Geographic's greatest explorers of all time).  He's been a musical director with artists as diverse as Inuit

throat-singers (Nunavik) , Cumbia Percussion Troop (Buenos Aires), Joyce Dance Theatre curators, Mariners Gospel Choir in

New York City and the Tibetan Music Association of Canada.

Peirson has shared stages with Sub Pop's folk duo Luluc, Mary Margaret O'Hara, David Gilmour (Pink Floyd),  Paul Dempsey

(Australia), Les Stroud (Survivorman), Jason Mercer (Ani Defranco), Morgan Doctor (The Clics), Stew Crookes

(Hawksley Workman, Doug Paisley) and Bobby McFerrin as an improv. guest at Roy Thompson Hall. Peirson's work has also been

featured on popular TV series, feature films and international events including; DJ Son Down's avant garde Neukolln Musiker

Folktronica Fest in Berlin, Paris's Rue Oberkampf players / Les Lilas underground jazz scene, Toronto's Kensington Market Acid

Salon, Montreal's LFest and made TV1 appearances in Warsaw, Munich, Milan as well as performing his original songs with Hans

Schiller Quintet in Vienna and Salzburg.  


In effort to address the environmental crisis, Peirson has also toured with outdoor clothing giant Patagonia and their ambassadors;

Kimi Werner, Daniel Ross, Timmy O'Neill, Jill O'brien ++ to promote local enviro org.'s in North America, who continue to raise

awareness of issues using Peirson's "Wild Ones" enviro designs, highlighting endangered species and their natural habitats at risk.   


As a volunteer,  Peirson continues to work with music therapy friends at Sick Kids Hospital, Seaton House, correctional service

facilities, CAMH, St. Christopher House and countless homeless communities in the far North of Canada.    He credits his days as

a wilderness guide to some of the most formative years of his life and the reason he continues to lend his voice and time to

environmental and social justice issues.  Peirson is not your garden variety artist.  

Everything he does - every single day - has purpose.  


                                                                                          Lana Slezic - Photojournalist / Documentary Filmmaker                                    Photo by Frank Wolf                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   




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Some of the greatest musical works could never have been brought to public without the support of a patron. Like Baron Gottfried van Swieten helped bring Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn to a wider audience, you too could be the prophet that brings Peirson's latest work to light in your city.  If you'd like to become a patron, write us a note and we'll happily acknowledge your contribution upon its release to our audience.  Or simply contribute to Peirson's latest work by sending an e-transfer to

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